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Banking Spanish

Banking SpanishBanking Spanish helps you tap into the $700 billion (soon to be $1 trillion) Hispanic market!

Forward thinking banks are already staffing their branches with bilingual employees in response to the 30+ million Latinos who prefer doing personal business in Spanish here in the United States, nearly half of whom speak very limited English. Common Ground’s Banking Spanish course gives you the tools you need to effectively gain and keep your Spanish speaking clientele.

In the Beginning I Banking Spanish course you will learn:

  • Formal greetings and casual conversation to get to know your Spanish speaking clients
  • How to collect personal information for account setup
  • How to discuss account features and options
  • Numbers and basic deposit/withdrawal procedures
  • Present tense verbs[/eight_columns]

In the Beginning II Banking Spanish course you will review and practice information from Beginning I and learn:

  • Latino cultural norms and preferences for banking habits
  • Explaining the benefits of additional banking products and services
  • Currency exchange and International banking services
  • Past tense verbs
  • Direct and indirect objects

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