5 Step plan to speak Spanish with more confidence and fluency

5 Step plan to speak Spanish with more confidence and fluency

Being able to SPEAK Spanish is not an exclusive talent for certain “gifted” people. Everyone is able to gain confidence and fluency speaking Spanish.

It boils down to 5 key components. Some are so obvious, you’ll kick yourself 😜

Get the 5 Step Plan to boost your Spanish…

You often hear people say…

“Oh, you’re learning Spanish, French, German? I’ve tried to, but I’m not good at languages.”

Hold up! This is where we must distinguish the difference between learning a language and learning how to SPEAK a language. You might ask…

“Wait, there’s a difference?”

YES! There’s a big difference and not understanding this distinction is the #1 hurdle to becoming more confident and fluent in Spanish.

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Comment Below, We want to know…Where do you get stuck in improving your Spanish communication skills?

Tip #1: Establish your communication GOALS

Zig Ziglar was a giant is the sales and business world and even more so in the realm of self-motivation, positivity, and setting GOALS. Even after his passing in 2012, he continues to be an inspiration and a motivation to many by the words he left behind. One of his top 10 quoted phrases is “A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

  1. Watch this brief video–> get tips on how to properly set language goals to boost your Spanish speaking skills.
  2. Download and Complete the 5 step exercise to develop a plan and stay on course to achieve your short term milestones and your long term conversational goals.

You will see improvement and reach your language learning goals with a plan in place! 

Do you have a language learning plan in place? Share below…

Tip #2: Find a Conversation Partner

Speaking is what brings language to life! It’s not enough just to study online, read a textbook, take notes, etc. YOU HAVE TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH, make mistakes and SPEAK! Learn more about the how to find a quality conversational partner that will help you maximize your time and growth in the video below:

If you don’t have someone to practice your Spanish with consider being a part of ​​Intercambio: Spanish & English Language Exchange. It’s a thriving, international community where conversational skills are soaring AND there is still room for YOU.

Interested? Put your name on the list to get more information.

We want to know….How do you get your conversational practice? What are your tips and tricks? Comment below.

Tip #3: Be Intentional

Zig Ziglar was a giant is the sales and business world and even more so in the realm of self-motivation, positivity, and setting GOALS. Even after his passing in 2012, he continues to be an inspiration and a motivation to many by the words he left behind. I want to share two of his quotes with you that apply to gaining more confidence and fluency in your Spanish speaking skills:

  • You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”
  • People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” 🙂

How are you intentional in your language learning? Leave us a comment below…

Opportunities to COMMUNICATE in the language you’re learning is the ONE critical language learning piece that is often missing in online language learning programs.

Being involved in a supportive language learning community is important. AND making sure your resources (time, talent and money) are maximized and well spent is also of utmost importance during these times.

Grab your spot in our guided Spanish – English practice group for professionals and serious language learners who want to launch their communication skills to the next level. Join this language exchange community today to bring your language to LIFE in a guided, structured, professional environment.

Intercambio enrollment is closed right now. Put your name on the list to get more information.

Tip #4: Set a Schedule

When we study the behavior of people who have achieved improved confidence and fluidity in another language, we see two habits that are essential to their growth. Do you know what they are? 

There is a limiting belief out there about learning another language…

Many people tell me that they don’t have enough time to learn Spanish at this point in their life. While it does take time to learn another language- many people approach it the wrong way. The truth is, you can learn how to speak Spanish if you dedicate small, but frequent amounts of time that is sustainable for your lifestyle.

Is improving your Spanish part of your daily, weekly schedule? How and when? Let us know in the comments below.

Are you looking for a schedule and accountability to help you improve your Spanish? Intercambio offers a great weekly structure to follow:

  • Friday: Spanish lessons and conversational guides are released every week
  • Thursday: Our International community of Spanish & English learners meet weekly to practice with each other online.
  • 1,2,3 or more times a week, connect with a conversational partner that fits within your schedule.

Tip #5: Eliminate FEAR & FRUSTRATION

Two obstacles to exponential language growth: Fear & Frustration.

Fear can make us freeze. Frustration can make us give up. We have to understand it, accept it, learn to control it to progress and move forward. Learn more about how to overcome fear and frustration in the video below. Yes, it can be done!!!

Successfully learning a language AND COMMUNICATING in the LANGUAGE boils down to these key components…

Follow these 5 tips to be on your way to speaking Spanish more fluently!

  1. SET COMMUNICATION GOALS→ and attack with a combination of a study plan AND a COMMUNICATION plan.
  2. FIND A COMMUNICATION PARTNER→ that shares the same objective as you to improve their speaking ability and accomplish language learning goals. 
  3. BE INTENTIONAL→ in your language exchange conversations. Use thematic conversational guides to help you. You want to maximize your time and capacity to communicate in the language you’re learning. 
  4. SET A SCHEDULE→ A consistent schedule over a longer period of time is always better than infrequent bursts.
  5. ELIMINATE FEAR & FRUSTRATION→ Don’t be afraid to open your mouth. DO make mistakes. We love the mantra progress over perfection. This takes you getting uncomfortable with your imperfect communication skills and jumping out of your comfort zone

At the end of the day, your Spanish progress is your responsibility. If you’re serious about progressing in your communication skills and acquiring the language…

CHECK OUT INTERCAMBIO Spanish & English Language Exchange! Your Spanish won’t improve without consistent practice…



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  1. I am a scheduler during the week for my meetings, but not for Spanish. I was better over the summer and honestly before Covid, but I definitely need to focus on that goal for myself.

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