5 Step plan to speak Spanish with more confidence and fluency

Being able to SPEAK Spanish is not an exclusive talent for certain “gifted” people. Everyone is able to gain confidence and fluency speaking Spanish.

It boils down to 5 key components. Some are so obvious, you’ll kick yourself 😜

Get the 5 Step Plan to boost your Spanish…

You often hear people say…

“Oh, you’re learning Spanish, French, German? I’ve tried to, but I’m not good at languages.”

Hold up! This is where we must distinguish the difference between learning a language and learning how to SPEAK a language. You might ask…

“Wait, there’s a difference?”

YES! There’s a big difference and not understanding this distinction is the #1 hurdle to becoming more confident and fluent in Spanish.

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Comment Below, We want to know…Where do you get stuck in improving your Spanish communication skills?

4 responses to “5 Step plan to speak Spanish with more confidence and fluency


I am a scheduler during the week for my meetings, but not for Spanish. I was better over the summer and honestly before Covid, but I definitely need to focus on that goal for myself.

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Entiendo Rachael:) A good way to start is 3 times a week for 30 minutes a time. It does not seem to be too overwhelming. So what days are you going to schedule?


I need Spanish!

Leslie Foster
Leslie Foster

Hola Aj! How can we help you improve your Spanish?

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