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Hospital English

Hospital English ClassesHospital English classes help food service and environmental service staff improve their communication on the job.

Studies show that patient satisfaction improves drastically when the ancillary staff at the hospital can provide basic customer service in English. It shouldn’t be surprising, high quality customer service is important in most all industries. Healthcare even more, when you are the patient and recuperating in the hospital, the small touches matter.

If the environmental services staff enters the room, you’d like to be able to communicate with them without working too hard to understand what they’re saying and to be understood. It’s the same story with room service; when the meal is delivered it is a basic expectation that you can follow up on missing or additional items with the delivery person.

We routinely work with hospital systems to train their service staff and improve their English at work.

Who is the right staff for our Hospital English classes?

  • Environmental service staff
  • Nutrition service / cafeteria staff
  • Medical records clerks
  • Lab techs
  • Radiology/imaging techs
  • Security staff
  • Maintenance staff

How can I set up a class at my hospital?

It’s pretty easy to set up a Hospital English class at your facility.

  1. We’ll request a meeting with you to get a sense for your facility and who your students area
  2. We’ll discuss your budget and customize an English training plan that fits within your parameters
  3. We’ll help you screen your students for English at Work suitability
  4. We’ll agree on a schedule and make the necessary preparations to get started

Get the ball rolling today – let us know who you are!

Thoughts from some recent students:

It is really a brilliant idea to have this Hospital English course for the employees whose English is holding them back. Thanks to all for offering this course. Mohamed A.

I like this Hospital English course. I like learning English, how to communicate and all the new words.  A.H.

Common Ground International: Hospital English Classes

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