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English at Work: Customized Group Classes

EnglishatWork300x200Students and employers rave about our group English at work classes.

Employers tap the true potential of their employees and build company loyalty at the same time.

Why choose Common Ground International for your group English classes?

  1. We help you identify the specific English vocabulary and grammar your team needs in order to be more efficient on the job.
  2. We pretest your staff to make sure that they are placed at the right level of class, and post test so that you can see the objective results of their English classes.
  3. Our professional instructors are experts at managing both small and large groups of English students.
  4. We help you strike the right mix of grammar instruction, vocabulary practice & workplace scenarios to help your employees improve both their English literacy and conversational skills.
  5. We work seamlessly with your HR or Organizational Development department to ensure that classes go smoothly and are positioned to be successful.
  6. You save time – we come to your workplace to deliver your group English classes.
  7. You save money – we narrow the focus of your group English class to include specific workplace objectives (not the whole English language if that’s not what you want).

Group English classes are customized to fit your specific company’s needs and generally include 30hrs of training spread out over 20 weeks.

Contact us for a free English evaluation and training proposal!

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