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Learning English with Common Ground is dynamic, fun and you get immediate results!

Learning English (or improving your English) is quite possibly one of the best investments an individual can make in his/her career. Studies show that how you communicate in the workplace has a drastic effect on how coworkers, employers and clients view you or your team.

We successfully work with business professionals, service-level employees, and individuals with the ultimate goal of improving workplace communication. Our courses mix English literacy, English pronunciation, and hours of practice speaking English in business and workplace contexts.

Our clients love how we run our English classes. We help you and your team learn English vocabulary that relates to your work, and master practical English grammar that you can apply in a wide variety of settings. Our communicative focus helps you speak better English – faster!

We are currently offering intensive business English classes, English at work group classes, and private English classes. Learn more today!

How do we help our clients learn English so well?

  1. We work with all levels of English speakers.  Every English student receives a unique learning plan.
  2. We pay attention to your English needs and help you set realistic English goals that fit your budget.
  3. We match the English vocabulary you need with the English grammar that fits your current English level.
  4. We don’t think you need to learn all of the English language to improve your performance at work.  We help you identify the most beneficial vocabulary and grammar structures that you need for your purposes.
  5. We know pronunciation matters, and we help you master English pronunciation.

Let us know who you are and how we can help you!

Contact us for pricing and availability of the English classes for business executives, teams and individuals!

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